Fantasy Geopolitics

Fantasy Geopolitics App


Fantasy Geopolitics is an app that allows history teachers to enagage students through a Fantasy Football style game. Students "draft" countries and earn points based on how often they are mentioned in online news articles. This encourages students to read about their draft picks and become more involved in what is happening around the world. On this project, I worked with Ruby developer, Adam Perkins, and Fantasy Geopolitics founder, Eric Nelson.




The main challenge was designing an app that was exciting for students to use and easy for teachers to navigate.


The majority of research done for this project was related to designing for educational applications. I performed a competitive market analysis on educational apps, and found that bright colors are a good way to grab attention and the color blue, in particular, is often used in educational settings.

Design Planning

The design of Fantasy Geopolitics needed to be fun, yet professional. It needed to be easy for non-technical users to navigate, and also allow for growth because it was a startup company.


Fantasy Geopolitics Homepage Mockup

Marketing Website

Fantasy Geopolitics Registration Page Mockup

Registration Page

Fantasy Geopolitics League Mockup

The "All Leagues" page allows teachers to view all past and currently active leagues.

Fantasy Geopolitics Add League Mockup

The popup window allows teachers to add new leagues.

Fantasy Geopolitics Scores Mockup

The "Scores" page allows teachers to view student scores for a specific league.

Fantasy Geopolitics Manage Teams Mockup

The "Teams"page allows teachers to view students in a league and manage their status.