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Design Like Mad is a 12 hour design marathon that I started in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013. Student and professional designers gather at the event to help local nonprofits with design projects. Now cities throughout the US are hosting these events. We needed both a global website and a template for individual cities to use when hosting their own Design Like Mad events.



It was a challenge to create a system of websites that worked well together that could accomodate for the information that viewers needed. It was also challenging to create a template that worked well with each individual city even though they could potentially be adding different information for their local event.


After creating the event in 2013, we had already created an existing Design Like Mad brand. It was important to research the specific information that was most important to users when they came to both the global and local websites. By talking to participants of the events and potential hosts of future events, I found that they wanted to be able to quickly find their city (or request an event in their city) and learn more about the event itself. They also wanted to be able to see previous projects that had been completed at other Design Like Mad events.

Design Planning

After conducting research, I found that there was a diverse audience that Design Like Mad needed to cater towards. Therefore, I collaborated on a "mad person" logo with UX Designer, George Treviranus. This gender neutral logo shows the fun craziness that happens in the 12 hour event.

I chose bright colors to represent the vibrance and energy that is present at every Design Like Mad event, no matter the city. White space helps to call attention to the points that help viewers understand what the event is about. Finally, the design is simple enough so that it could translate and relate to the city specific template.


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