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900dpi is a tool that makes it easy for designers and developers of all skill levels to implement a content managment system (CMS) using just HTML and CSS.

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Fantasy Geopolitics

Fantasy Geopolitics is an app that allows history teachers to enagage students through a Fantasy Football style game. Students "draft" countries and earn points based on how often they are mentioned in online news articles.

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CrossFit Madtown

CrossFit Madtown is a CrossFit gym in Madison, Wisconsin. However, while CrossFit Madtown offers CrossFit, they also offer many other Athletic Development programs including: Youth Development programs, High School and Sport Specific Athletic Performance training, and Olympic Weight Lifting.

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Design Like Mad

Design Like Mad is a 12-hour design marathon that I started in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013. Student and professional designers gather at the event to help local nonprofits with design projects.

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Scroogebuster was a mobile app that my brother, Aaron Larner, and I designed and developed using node.js, angular, and ionic. The idea was to create a way of sharing a holiday wishlist with friends and family. It also allows friends and family to claim items on a wishlist without the owner of the wishlist knowing.

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Quintessence Biosciences

Quintessence Biosciences is a biotech company based out of Madison, Wisconsin. This project involved a redesign of their marketing site requested by co-founder, Laura Strong.

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