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Weightlifting PR Tracking App

I created an app with Parse and JavaScript to track my weightlifing personal records. Once I built the first version, I rebuilt a second version using the Backbone router to handle my views. It's not beautiful, but it works!View Live

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900dpi is a tool that makes it easy for designers and developers of all skill levels to implement a content managment system (CMS) using just HTML and CSS.

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CrossFit Madtown

CrossFit Madtown is a CrossFit gym in Madison, Wisconsin. However, while CrossFit Madtown offers CrossFit, they also offer many other Athletic Development programs including: Youth Development programs, High School and Sport Specific Athletic Performance training, and Olympic Weight Lifting.

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Design Like Mad

Design Like Mad is a 12-hour design marathon that I started in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013. Student and professional designers gather at the event to help local nonprofits with design projects.

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Newest Field Notes

How a Jerk Taught Me to Code

Frustration. That is the only word I can use to describe the past 3 years of trying to learn JavaScript. Sure, I can animate and plugin with jQuery ‘till the cows come home, but actually using JS to pull data from a database and create an app was a whole different pile of goo.Read More


I know I know, It’s super bowl Sunday. I should be baking delicious treats and getting ready to go watch the game (who’s playing again?). Instead, I’m on the precipice of a big move (new apartment, yay!) so instead I’ve decided to spend my Sunday playing with some fun CSS animations. Read More

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Valentine's Day "Crush Course"

Part of my job entails working with the community to spread excitement about technology. Sometimes I run "crash courses" on basic design and tech topic. In this Valentine's Day "Crush Course", I taught icon design in Adobe Illustrator with this custom set of icons I created. See More

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Icon Concepts for Madison, WI

This is a set of 4 icons I created to represent the city of Madison, WI (my home before Austin). Each one represents an integral part of my experience there. See More